FairFuelUK has fought off £30bn in TAX hikes

The FairFuelUK Campaign fights for lower fuel prices at the pumps

and is backed by these prestigious organisations

Freight Transport Association

The Road Haulage Association

The Association of Pallet Networks

UKLPG - The trade association for the LPG industry in the UK


FairFuelUK, the Nationally Recognised Award Winning Campaign fighting for lower petrol & diesel prices, is widely accredited with stopping £30 billion of taxes being levied on over 32 million road users, businesses & the haulage industry in this Parliament. Please sign up and support the FairFuelUK Campaign if you want the best chance for lower Petrol, Diesel and LPG prices at the Pumps

FairFuelUK is supported by funding from major backers and any donations from supporters.

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Quentin Willson is one of Britain’s best-known motoring authorities and is lead campaigner for FairFuelUK.


Over 500,000 have done so already in the call for lower fuel prices at the pumps...


Since the beginning of 2011 the FairFuelUK Campaign thanks to your support has been credited with stopping all fuel duty increases that were planned in this Parliament.  

In March 2011, FairFuelUK even won a 1p reduction too. Fuel prices at the pumps would have been 16 pence per litre higher without this campaign. That's a real saving for an average sized car of £8 per fill-up.

*Mr Osborne has listened to your voice again via FairFuelUK working behind the scenes and he announced at the Tory Party Conference, in the Autumn Statement and March 2014 Budget, that there will be no more Fuel Duty rises in the life of this Parliament. However this freeze is only promised if the Government can afford it.

The Government still takes over 60% in tax when we fill up at the pumps, we have the highest fuel duty levels in the EU and the cost of fuel directly impacts adversely on the cost of living, investment, jobs and running businesses.

Campaign Objectives

  • Stop any Fuel Duty Rises in this Parliament. *The Campaign has achieved this objective, but the Government could still go back on their promise of a freeze in fuel duty till 2015

  • Go further and fight to Cut Fuel Duty significantly for the benefit of economic growth and what the whole nation wants – Convince the Govt to recognise that by sensibly controlling fuel duty, it is a growth stimulus not just a Treasury cash cow

  • Bring UK petrol and diesel to European Parity in terms of fuel pricing and taxation

  • Actively demand and support the inquiries into fuel pricing transparency and oil price speculation.

  • Propose a better mechanism that is a fairer way to tax all vehicle fuels for the benefit of the economy and hard pressed road user

We need YOU!

FairFuelUK and Quentin Willson Protesting outside the TreasuryFairFuelUK and Robert Halfon MP deliver symbolic Cheque to Treasury showing Annual Fuel Duty TakeFairFuelUK Handing in Petition to cut fuel duty at No 10FairFuelUK Truck runs out of fuel in Whitehall - Symbolic protestFairFuelUK's National Fair Fuel Day 2012FairFuelUK's Quentin Willson calls for all tax to be shown on fuel receiptsFairFuelUK's Quentin Willson calls for Fuel Duty Cut on Budget Day 2013 at No 10MPs who support FairFuelUK pushing Car to Downing StreetOver 130,000 signature petition handed into No 10 in 2011 by FairFuelUKPenny Mordaunt MP-Marcus Jones MP-Quentin Willson-FairFuelUK-Andrew Bingham MP-Robert Halfon MP--Stephen Metcalfe MP at OFTQuentin Willson-FairFuelUK-Andrew Bingham MP-Robert Halfon MP-Marcus Jones MP-Stephen Metcalfe MP-Penny Mordaunt MPRobert Halfon MP in the Commons and FairFuelUK call for an OFT enquiry into transparent pricingThe FairFuelUK team pulling an empty of fuel truck to Downing StreetThe FairFuelUK Truck outside WestminsterTracey Crouch MP with Quentin Wilson protesting outside the House of Commons 2012Treasury Minister Danny Alexander meets with Quentin Willson and the FairFuelUK team

FairFuelUK is calling for a cut in Fuel Duty in the 2014 Budget. Please help us to convince the Treasury by completing the relevant POLLs below

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Send us your responses as to how the current levels of petrol and diesel prices are affecting your life or business.  We continually analyse the data received and regularly send the consolidated survey updates to every MP,  Lord, all national newspapers, BBC, ITV, SKY and local TV and Radio outlets.


Robert Halfon supports FairFuelUK

The FairFuelUK Campaign won the Chartered institute for Public Relations Public Affairs Excellence Award 2012

It is managed by Howard Cox and Quentin Willson. email: campaign@fairfueluk.com    

Contact and Media: Howard Cox 07515 421611

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